Some questions from students and answers from the School


- Does the School have the licence?

- Yes, it has.



- What is the tuition fee for One-to-One Classes? If I need some breaks, can the course be interrupted?

- The One-to-One Classes fee is about RMB 150 for a double period (two classes) or RMB 75 for a period (class). As One-to-One course is designed for your needs, you can take breaks, and interrupt the educational process as long as you need.



- I want to have classes for 6-8 hourses each day. Can it be organized?

- Yes, it can be done.




- What language level I have, if I learn 70-75% of syllabus?

- It depends on your own language skills and attitude. It's hard to say for sure.




- What is the language of teaching?

- If you have learned Chinese before, the teaching would be mostly in Chinese. For the Beginners the teaching in mother tongue will be moved in Chinese language teaching. Nevertheless, any grammar or vocabulary questions will be explained in mother tongue, and teachers of the oral Chinese language are native speakers.




- Is the time of the terms beginning determined strictly, like at the Universities, or students can come to the School  any time?

- There is no strictly determined term beginning time.




- I want to pay tuition term by term, can I?

- Yes, you can.



- What currency should be used?

- The ONLY currency is used here is yuan (RMB). The only currency you can exchange here is dollars (USD).




- Does the School make student visa (X visa)? Does your school send an Admition Letter?

- The School makes student visa (X visa), if the term of education is more than 4 months. If you want, we can send an admition letter, for you to make student visa (X visa) in your country. But when you come to China, you will have to re-execute you visa to the residence permit.


For the easiest way of solving visa problem, we recommend you to take L visa in your country, and re-execute you touristic visa to the Chinese residence permit. It will safe your time and money.




- What is the best way to get to you?

- We advice you go by plane via Beijing, Guangzhou, Sanya and Hongkong.

We can help you to choose the best route, book and buy flights tickets.




- Will you pick me up at the airport?

- We will pick you up. It costs RMB 250.



- How long it can take to find an apartment?

- It depends on what are requirements. You can stay in a hotel for 2-3 days and choose the apartments you need.



- What is the price of an apartment for one month? Can I see any of them, is there any web-site?

- The price of the apartment depend on the city district, room quantity, term of lease. You can rent an apartment for RMB 1500 (single-room). If two or three students share the apartment, it's about RMB 800-900 per one student.


* As a rule, landlords ask for a deposit. Usually deposit equals rent payment for two month. You will have you deposit money back after term of lease is over.


There is no such web-sites in English language. But there is popular Chinese web-site where you can have a look at some apartments.



- Can I take part in activities of the Universities (your School partners)? Can I go to the University library, canteen and attend sports or dancing groups?

- Yes, you can take part in any activity and act as usual student does.




- What about eating out? Is that pricy?

- Small outdoor restaurants and bigger café and restaurant's menu and prices differs much. Sometimes RMB 15-20 for a dinner is enough, sometimes more then RMB 100 is not enought to eat fill. You can cook by yourself, prices in food stores are low. But sometimes eating out is chipper and the menu is wider.



- What can you tell about getting around Haikou?  Can I rent a bike or a car?

- You take a bus for RMB 1-2. You can rent a motorbike ~ RMB 5-6 per hour, 30-35 per day, 200-300 per month. It's hard to say exactly about renting a car, but the price will not be high.




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