All the time our School holds different activities: sports competitions, going to Haikou city museums and parks, have classes with our Chinese friends, who are interested in foreign languages. Some photo you can view in Gallery now.

Our School often goes to other cities of China. It is a great way to practice Chinese, know more about China, and just have fun!

We were at:

— International tourism center Sanya city, Hainan province, China 03.10.2011 — 05.10.2011

— splendid beaches of Wenchan city, Hainan province, China 22.10.2011

— Canton Fair 2012 Guangzhou city, China 14.04.2012 — 19.04.2012

— white sand and blue sea BoAo beaches 06/13.05.2012


We are going to see the sights of the Hainan Island, such as:

- The Xiu Ying Fortress 秀英火包台

- The Qiong Tai Academy 琼台书院

- The Dong Po Academy 东坡书院

- The Hai Rui Tomb 海瑞墓

- The Wugong Temple (Five Officials' Temple) 五公祠

- Birds Park 飞鸟热带植物园海口

- Safari Park 野生动物园

- Volcano Park 火山公园

- Haikou Museum 博物馆


And we will manage trips to:

- the Xiachuang Island

- the Wuzhishan Mountains

- Coconut Plantations

- Dali city


Welcome to join us! Mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.