Welcome everyone to Unique Language Summer Camp «GREAT SILK WAY» (Hainan Island)!


This summer program for students and their parents, for everyone who wants to improve the Chinese language skills, find new friends, know more about Chinese culture, take part in different competitions, and take the very best from staying in China.


Each day you will have 4 classes with speaking English and Chinese teachers, studying not only Chinese, but calligraphy, country specifics, tea ceremony basics, watching Chinese movies, having excursions to another Hainan Island cities.


Each day — an event! Each week — an existing trip!


Accommodation in double room at the hotel with close The Great Silk Way School. swimming pool. Three meals a day: European or Chinese food (breakfast, lunch, dinner).




2 trips will be held every week

1st week – trip to the volcano, safari park, museum;

2d week – trip to Wenchang, the coconut grove, “The Park of Stones”, various beaches;

3rd week – 2-days trip to Bo’ao, thermal springs, various beaches;

4th week – 2-days Sanya sightseeing tour, trip to various beaches and “The End of the World Park”.

All the teachers and managers working in our camp are qualified Chinese tutors, including Chinese native speakers.




1st shift: June 1nd 28th

2nd shift: July 1st – 28th

3rd shift: July 28th August 24th




Tuition fee

– Chinese language 3500 RMB/month (4 weeks including 20 academic hours per week)

– English language 4000 RMB/month (4 weeks including 15 academic hours per week)

Registration fee – 55 USD (300 RMB) have to be paid beforehand; inclusive of learning materials and registration;

Excursion fees – 1500 RMB (for 8 trips);

Accommodation – 1500 RMB/month (double room at the school dormitory).


We only accept payment in RMB (Chinese Yuan).


Camp program:

· - Airport Pick-up and Seeing Off (250 RMB)

· - Shuttling to and from the studying place

· - Residence

· - Swimming in the pool, tennis, badminton, football (for extra charge)

· - 8 trips

· - Chinese classes

· - Organizing joint dinners for 50 RMB per man




Full Immersion into Chinese language and culture will let to grow your language skill better then something else. Teaching is done in modern technics, auctorial learning aids used in groups with a small number of students (5-10 students). English language speaking teachers will explain all of the grammar notes, and native speakers help to work out the pronunciation.


Practice your Chinese not only at classes, but while out-door activities: exhibitions, excursions, seminars.


Studying for pleasure — joy of knowledge!