Studying Chinese became more and more popular last ten years. Mandarin Chinese supposed to be more popular even that the English or Spanish languages.


The Chinese language is learned not only in China but abroad. People all over the World find the Chinese language easy and hard to learn at the same time.


There are a lot of methods and approaches of teaching for intensive, in-depth, online and distance learning courses. The full and partial immersion programs are very popular too.


Each strategy of learning oral or written Chinese has it's own pros and cons. Only the student's personality can help to choose the proper way of learning Chinese. The person's language level, skills, knowledges and demands for future education help us to find the most suitable program for each group of students.


We always appreciate each student's opinion and idea how to adopt the teaching process to the their needs.


A great attention is paid for modern methods and approaches of teaching, but the classic way of learning is proved and used successfully.


The Chinese language is as fascinating and mysterious as the Chinese culture itself.

We welcome you to the world of the increadable Chinese language!