Depending on program and language you choose, we will arrange teachers for individual or group classes. There are Chinese, English-speaking, Russian-speaking teachers who came from different countries. Such qualified school staff provide a wild choice of teaching methods and approaches.

The zero level students are highly recommended to have classes with teacher, speaking student's mother tinge. It helps to decrease the language shock and barrier, it also helps to understand how to use grammar and phonetic systems of the foreign language.

The intermediate student would be better to have native speaker as a teacher. First of all it is great for speaking practice, but also it helps expanding vocabulary and knowing the Chinese culture.

Some students have a very reasonable question:

Hainan people speak the Mandarin Chinese language with a strong accent (the Hainanese dialect influences on their pronunciation). Will the School staff teach us wrong pronunciation?

The answer is simple:

All the teaching staff passed the State Chinese Language exams. Foreign teachers also well qualified and have special certifications licence to teach foreign languages.

Our School team always glad to see you!