Hainan Foreign Language School - Great Silk Way is located in the central part of the Haikou city, Hainan province. This part of the city is the most developed and convenient for living and study.

The school building has modern multimedia teaching equipment. All the classrooms are brightly lit, air-conditioned and clean.

Beginners and elementary students will be glad to know, that all of the book and teacher's speech are in foreign language according to students need. Chinese language sometimes seemed to be difficult, but native language helps to overcome these difficulties.

The school also offers:
- the Chinese proficiency test preparation course(HSK 汉语水平考试),
- business course of the Chinese language,
- the Chinese language for families.

Our school teachers use modern and exclusive teaching methods.

We have classes each day the time you want. Our schedule can be very flexible.

The school helps to extend visas, and make Student Visa for term 6 months and more.

Our school uses up-to-date style of teaching. Active life is the easiest way to learn Chinese. Our school life is impossible without trips, barbecues, parties and eating out together. This is the way not only having fun, but study and practice Chinese.